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Discover what to say and how to say it inside of...

The Copy Confidence Society

...and magnetically attract your dream clients
with personality-filled copy that dazzles.

Discover what to say and how to say it inside of...

The Copy Confidence Society

...and magnetically attract your dream clients
with personality-filled copy that dazzles.

The Copy Course & Community
June 10, 2024

for Coaches & Creatives
ready to take center stage with copy and messaging
worthy of a standing ovation.

With Copy Mentor & Creator of The Copy Chat

Marisa Corcoran

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"WOW! $10K within 48 hours and the confidence
that I can make this happen again and again!”

“Working with Marisa helped us grow our list to 20K+ with people actually responding to our emails. It's been a game changer!"

- Chantelle Kern,
The Italian On Tour


“The copy kills it on the website!

I’m already at that $40K goal and it’s only July. I call that blessed. I know our work together was crucial for me turning over a new leaf. This is all astounding to me.”

– Nicole Ware,
Summit Producer

Silence Your Cell Phone. Dim The Lights.

This Show is About To Start...

Good copy is a non-negotiable
for your business.

Compelling copy catapulted me from $50K to $500K (in less than 2 years)
and it can be the *thing* to help you create a powerful and profitable business.

Selling out offers that steal the show STARTS
with an uncopyable message AND Personality Filled Copy That Dazzles

Let’s rewrite this script:

“I speak in generalities but I’m afraid if I’m more specific, I’ll lose clients.”


It feels so easy to write my message now and I’m finally attracting the right people.”

“Ok, I know my ideal client, but no one’s engaging with me. Should I try different hashtags?”


“I block time to reply to my emails now. I have the BEST conversations with my community. They just GET me.”

“How do I be ME in my content? Should I? Because the real me loves to garden. I don’t think I’m that interesting.


“It turns out I didn’t need permission to be myself. People love when I compare gardening to my business. I think they joined the program just to see my cats!”

How do I create ‘attention grabbing’ copy without sounding cheesy or fake?”


“Whoa! This landing page is converting at 60% and I’m feeling like every word sounds like ME!”

“Getting my audience to think, ‘Gah! I have to work with them’ is my #1 goal but I think I’m giving too much away in my content.


Someone booked a call straight from my website saying, ‘It felt like you were speaking right to me!’”

“I have all the words swirling and rearing to go...and yet... I freeze when it's time to ...just... start.


“Sure, I have days when I get writer’s block. That’s normal. But NOW, I know exactly what to do to get out of it and write with ease and FLOW!

Sounds like music to your ears?

This is your ticket to whipping up irresistible words

with creativity & chutzpah

"When I shifted my messaging in CCS, everything started working together. My emails got clear and my open rates increased a huge amount. Plus, now I have a website that I just can't wait to talk about and share."

- Susannah Juteau
Headache Nutritionist

“What I love about CCS is the sense of community. Having the opportunity to engage with folks who are sharing their experiences together… there really is some magic in the folks that Marisa has brought together."

- Melissa Morris
Tarot Life Planner

"Besides filling my group program (and increasing my income by 500%)? It helped me pay for a disabled family member's living expenses. CCS put me into "GO!" mode. Thank you. This is the BEST course I've ever taken."

- Judy McNutt
Published Author + Mentor

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 9.22.43 AM

Watch How Iva Used Her Magic Message To Book 9 Podcasts & 3 Articles (and More!)

Watch How Cassandra Used The CCS Framework To Create A Crystal Clear Message and Transformed Her Emails!

Watch How Celia Batched ALL her Social Posts and Emails Right Before She Gave Birth!

Pop Quiz:

What’s the Internet’s version of a
standing ovation when you have
total copy confidence?

>> Dream clients who pay premium prices for box seats to your offer <<

The alternative?

You could keep “Great and Powerful Oz-ing” it,
knowing that behind the curtain, you…

Write and rewrite the same muddied, rambling message HOPING someone will actually GET it. (Let’s play a drinking game! How many different ways can you say “follow your passion” and “live your best life”?)


Struggle to sound authentic in your content. “I don't want to sound scripted or robotic,” you keep saying.


Break a sweat just thinking about writing an email. “I’ll just go look at [NAME OF PERSON YOUR AUDIENCE ADMIRES] and see what they did!”


Agonize over your website for eons! “What should I include? What would actually sell me? I sound boring—I’m not boring! Ugh, it’s so hard! Inspiration disappears when I write about myself.”


Burn out (and bleed cash) on yet another “magic” marketing strategy instead of booking calls with dream clients.

(Didn’t think so)

Good News: No ruby reds are required to uncover your uncopyable message
and claim star status in your niche like these rock stars before you…


“There are too many things I love about CCS to list, so let me tell you about the BEST thing - the workbooks!”

“These hand-holding, step-by-step guides for every piece of copy you can imagine in your business. As a squirly brained creator, these start with questions to get you thinking about what your audience needs and then outlines exactly how to craft copy that’s unique to you. They are my #1 go-to resource for planning and writing ALL my business content.”

– Melissa Morris,
Transformational Coach


“I’ve banished old beliefs that writing wasn’t for me. My message is clear and I now confidently show up for the women I serve.”

“The work inside CCS has been life changing. I’ve got a website, lead magnet and sale pages that I’m proud of. They convert and only call in the right women that are ready to do the transformational work. I wish I met Marisa years ago. It would’ve saved me from falling trap to hiring out my copy which was a major flop. You won’t find any fluff with Marisa. She’s all heart with a twist of sharp wit.”

– Dr. Yvonne Castillo,
Creator of The Pain-Free and Powerful Project


“My biggest shift has been allowing MY personality to come through with my words. I've noticed a HUGE difference in how people respond to my pitches and posts because I've been given permission to just be me!”

- Kayla Wells,
Podcast Manager & Editor


“I feel way more confident in my copywriting skills for my website, newsletters, and social media posts. I know I’m creating copy that works and no one’s copy looks or sounds like mine now!”

- Jocelyn Lindsay,
Certified Book Coach


“I really took the reins and turned the “boring - everyone is the same” into “unique - no one else can match me” style!”

- Sarah Maynard,

Craft your
uncopyable message

that calls in your ideal clients
and makes you instantly remembered,
rave worthy, and referrable
(instead of getting the same old,
“Wait, I don’t get it. What do you do?”).

Confidently create copy
with the perfect blend of
your personality and
credibility that’s easy to write

(and always reminds
your audience that
you’re the badass
they need to learn from!).

Build a business that’s rooted in
community and connection

with a stand-out, unmistakable voice on every inch of your copy...
from your website to “cart closing” email.

Take it from a Harvard Acting Grad
who knows a thing or two about
being in someone else’s shoes…

Hey, I’m Marisa Corcoran...

(pronounced MA-REE-SA CORK-RIN)

With an MFA from Harvard University, I quickly realized
every single thing that makes an actor compelling on stage...

...also makes you an exceptional star for your business.

Here’s a quick story that involves rolling
around a human spine in a suitcase...

As a broke actor, I daylighted as an ambassador for a chiropractic office.

Waltzing a science class skeleton in a suitcase into offices like JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and high-end gyms like Equinox, I’d waltz out with a handful of new clients.

My close rate was 85%.


(Yes, I believe non-invasive remedies can reduce the
stress impacting nearly every New Yorker).

But I also applied my acting skills:

clear intention
deep understanding of my ideal customer
listen to pain points + transform them into possibilities
boost credibility
ONE specific call-to-action

Couple this with my own stories and humor so they knew I was a real person (not just a sales-y bot in a pencil skirt), I brought in loyal customers who still show up years later.


When I learned to bring my acting skills, sass,
and support to online coaches and strategists,
here’s just a sample of what happened:

Sales pages made $10K just days after my tweaks
Personality-filled emails unlocked $100K+ launches
Clients were PROUD to send people to their websites
Students started pitching themselves with total conviction
Have I mentioned I’ve gone from
$50K to over $500K
using these exact strategies?
(in just 2 years)

*Tap, tap* Is this thing on?

I’m not going to promise you’ll quadruple your investment
(Can we all agree that’s an outdated, gross move anyway?)

This is deeper than money.

This is taking a fierce death grip on the mic instead
of running from your voice.

Say it with me: Unleashed. Untamed. Unforgettable.

That’s the energy you leave this program with. And you’ll have ALL the copy and messaging you need to be a powerful coach or creator.

Knowing what to say and how to say it is the
#1 skill you need to be a
BANG ON coach or creator.

Your voice makes you memorable. And referrable.

It’s time to own that and take the stage...which will inevitably result in those
“$10K months” everyone talks about.


“Now I'm writing pages that are converting at
over 60% and more importantly - didn't take (over)
60% of my life writing them!”

“I'm so much more confident in my copywriting process.
It no longer feels overwhelming to draft a landing or sales page. They're like....
fun now??! I know what key elements/sections to include and
how to incorporate voice and personality in a way that doesn't feel
obnoxious or contrived. Marisa taught me how to THINK about writing copy,
not just the strategies and tactics to do it.”

– Jazmine West, Copywriter & Creator of Wine & Words

Here’s your Play-by-Playbill
inside The Copy Confidence Society

Module 1


Uncover Your Copy STAR!

Spoiler: YOU are the star of the show. Build a solid foundation
to show up and always sound like you
(not mimic someone
else’s voice you saw on Instagram!)
by discovering your silver
screen character type. (I’m the “Hooker With a Heart of Gold.”
Can’t wait to see who you are!)

Develop Your Magic Message

Buckle up because we’re diving in and niching down to the
practical magic that makes you a must-have for your ideal
client (and makes sure you stop calling yourself a “life coach” or
[insert some other generic name]). Your clear message will cut
through all the “I help you live your best life…” noise online.

Module 2

M2 screenshot

Module 3

M3 screenshot

Mine for the Juiciest Words

Real Talk: the way you’ve been taught to identify your ICA is as outdated as an AOL email address. Uncover what you truly need to know about your ideal client (hint: it’s not that they like Earl Grey tea with Califia creamer on their morning walk to yoga).

Discover how to detail their decision-making journey so you attract your dream clients using their words.

24K Email + Content Magic

This is your stage and ultimate opportunity to create raving,
loyal fans who can’t wait to open your emails and devour
them like a Nicholas Sparks novel. (Don’t hate me but I like The
Longest Ride better than The Notebook.) Discover how to write
ooey gooey delicious emails and content that stops the scroll
faster than I can eat a bag of Cadbury mini eggs (is it even
spring without ‘em?).

Module 4

Module 4

Module 5


Star Level Lead Magnet + Welcome Sequence

Give ‘em what they want (what they really, really want) in an opt-in, and follow a simple lead magnet/welcome sequence formula that primes your subscribers to invest in your offers and fill your inbox with a flood of “I LOVE your emails!”.

Create Your High-Converting
One-Page Website

Want your website to ignite that can’t stop reading vibe? You’ll uncover the words, flow, and steps to make working with you sound better than a Beyoncé concert (You may even need to get a wind machine!)

Module 6

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 12.37.59 PM

Module 7

M7 screenshot

Sizzling Sales Pages, Landing Pages and Launch Emails

I’ve condensed sales pages down to a simple 10-step process (with a little help from Darkwing Duck). You're in? Yeah, DW gets me everytime, too. 

Like Obama said, “Yes, WE can!” You can craft sales copy that converts like a CHARM while still feeling 100% in alignment with your values (read: no fake “1 spot left!” B.S.).

Leave CCS with
Massive Copy Confidence and Courage To:

Be all “Ta-Da!” when someone asks for the link to your website (and get excited for all the “Wow, it feels like you were speaking right to me” responses headed your way!).

Commit to regularly scheduled writing with a plan that works for you (not some cookie cutter content calendar) so you don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike.

Always know how to grab the exact language you need to call in your dream clients at every stage in your business.

Write strategically and creatively - at the same time - and incorporate voice and personality without feeling obnoxious or contrived.

Tell stories in a way that turns your audience into loyal fans and followers.

Unlock the powerful and persuasive words to sprinkle into your copy without ever sounding like a robocall.

"80% of my current clients bought after experiencing my new dazzling copy and magic message!"

- Mindi Trimble
Founder of Mindi Trimble Mentoring


"It used to take me an ENTIRE week to write ONE email. Now, it takes just a few hours.  Marisa, you gave me permission to be ME and I can't thank you enough. Get in on CCS!"

- Sheila Netti
Wealth Empowerment Strategist, Speaker & Trainer

"My open rates went from 20% to 35% and EVEN 45%! I've never felt so clear on my messaging
and who I help!"

- Heather Moulder
Career Success Coach

“I would’ve never felt comfortable
asking for that kind of money
but after CCS - baby, I’m worth it!”

unnamed (1)

Jennifer goes on to
exceed her monthly goals
for the NEXT 2 MONTHS!

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 11.18.12 AM (3)
This is 2 YEARS AFTER graduating from CCS!
The copy work that keeps on giving.

Step into the Spotlight with your Copy
Done & Dusted...When You Need It.

What’s included in The Copy Confidence Society:

7 Copy Modules: Uncover the words to magnetically attract dream clients and apply it to your core copy assets (magic message, website, emails, social posts, and more!).


Created for every learning style: Video. Audio. Transcripts. With lifetime access so you can rewatch/reread any time.

iconfinder_Streamline-54_185074 - notebook with tabs

Step-By-Step Workbooks: Take action on all that you’re learning with these guides. A few CCS fan favorites: Create your Copy Star, The Story Stripdown, and The Meet-Cute Website Method, to name a few.


Swipe Copy: Even the best copywriters start with swipes to get their creative juices flowing. You’ll get swipes for web copy, sales pages, subject lines, emails, and MORE!


Copy Samples: The CCS vault is stacked with high-converting pages I’ve personally written. Plus, the ones I smack my head against a wall I didn’t think of first!

iconfinder_15.Pencil_290135 - pencil

Conscious Copy: False scarcity? Fake urgency? Commodifying other cultures and experiences? Using offensive language or gifs? Nope. Listen, your words have weight and they matter. In this special conversation, we’ll cover 7 key areas to make sure your copy compels without being offensive.*

Untitled design 1

Co-Working Calls: To get your copy to-dos done and dusted in real time. Also, a curated space to get direct support from other CCS rockstars and connect with the community with intentional and business boosting break-out rooms!


EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group: This is your place to have your questions answered, have real-time accountability, and share your done and dusted work.

*please note: As a certified Equity Centered Coach, I’m dedicated to doing the work to create an anti-racist business as well as eliminating harmful biz practices. And I’m still learning. AND I'm DAMN committed to helping you create copy that gives a sh*t.

Enroll Now &
Get These Bonuses...

Access to the ALL NEW Copy Crush Series:

Tune into exclusive conversations featuring leading writers as we break down the strategy behind their highest-converting copy. Consider this our secret podcast. This is a society, after all. 😉

The Confident Copy Cheat Sheet:

With simple weekly tips (52) to infuse in your writing, your copy will be crisper than a Paul Hollywood shortbread on biscuit week. Bang on, mate!

How to Craft "Gimme! Gimme!" Titles:

Naming things can feel like a major "Oh God, I’d rather be forced to watch Jesse Watters on repeat" moment. This guide will give you the step-by-step science, templates, and swipes to name a freebie, blog, podcast episode, or FB Live with total ease.

and *dusts shoulder off*
cue the copy close-up on this baby...

Live Editing & Hotseat Workshops

Unsure if something sounds right?
Need a little more clarity about the
"H.O.P.E." website framework?
Want eyes on what you’ve been creating?

These calls by themselves will make you a stronger writer.

Get your questions answered and the opportunity
to get your copy edited in real-time hot seats.

You know when they put “$ value” on sales pages?
This is truly a priceless one. If you only join for these,
you’re a smart [gluten-free] cookie!

You want in? Thrilled to have you!

Choose The Copy Confidence Society Plan That Works for You

1 Payment of

6 Payments of

12 Payments of

angela tan

“Then I came across CCS and within the first month, I was able to figure out my copy star, nail down my messaging, and infuse more of my personality in my copy to attract ideal clients!"

"I asked a business coach if I should take a copywriting course because I knew it was not something that came naturally to me. This coach told me that copywriting is not a skill you can learn and that I should just outsource it. So over the course of my business, I went on to hire multiple copywriters and spent thousands of dollars.

They were all amazing copywriters buttttt none of them were able to write copy that I felt comfortable putting out in the world because it didn't sound like me.

Since CCS, it’s so much easier to send regular newsletters to my email list, write social media captions, and better position myself so people know who to go to for funnel and automation help!"

– Angela Tan, Founder of The Systems RX

14 day Copy Confident guarantee

Unplugging my mic pack for a second to share this...

You have the opportunity to
create your uncopyable message.

When you do this, there’s no such thing as a saturated market or competition...

...only collaboration.

You also can’t find that message in a swipe file or workbook
which means you do have to do the work.

And if you’re investing in this to become a more confident and courageous
writer that your ideal clients can’t ignore, then I know you’re going to be
thrilled you joined us.

BUT if you don’t feel like it’s the society for you, show us you've done the work, and get a FULL refund.

My team and I may ask you to share your
feedback as we’re always striving for excellence.

You may want to also ask me these 10+ questions:

When you started your business, you didn’t realize you had to be the perfect combo of Oprah meets Charles Dickens, right? Running a successful business requires a shit ton of copy.

Let’s make sure it’s good.

Brass Tacks: You’re a coach or service provider looking to create personality-filled copy that dazzles. You want to grab emotion with ease (and zero ick) and stay consistent with putting your message out into the world.

That's you? GO HERE.

YES! Your website, emails, and the content will be infused with personality and credibility.

While no, we won't dive into product descriptions (likely not a reason your copy isn't converting, btw) you can be sure to write an opening website hook that will keep customers on your site.

Like Meyla who doubled her online sales when she started sharing the background of why she created her jewelry.

Or Sarah who had her biggest launch ever selling her Sol Planner using the CCS email strategy. 

With the copy confident guarantee, try it out. If you don’t think it’s going to help your business, get a full refund.

Money, fame, freedom. That’s what you wanted to hear, right?

All the above are true but CCS is about so much deeper. The most impactful results are internal.


  • Sheila writing an email in an hour when it used to take her an ENTIRE WEEK!
  • Heather booking 2 clients with her website words!
  • Sarah’s “scary ask” for a 4-figure investment and the victory “Baby, I’m worth it” dance party when the contract was signed.

And yes, Nicole met her $40k goal before July once she tapped into her voice (complete with epic testimonials and Backstreet Boys references).

I don’t expect you to finish all of CCS.


In fact, if you do finish it all, we’ve got a problem and adding to the hustle culture that’s serving no one. 

Instead of writing shit just to write it, dive into ONE key piece, get that done and dusted, and have that serve your business in a BIG way -- like Elisabeth...

CCS will help ask key strategic questions so you know exactly where to put your focus.

Then, you’ll have the rest for when you need it in your business.

The powerful thing about copy is that nearly every strategy or program you might be in requires compelling copy. 

It's not "copy" OR [insert thing you're doing], it's copy AND.

The point being, copy isn’t a “maybe next time” thing. If copy isn't a priority right now for you, I respect that. I like bluntness. 😉

But it's not an "I don't have time" thing because they literally go together.

Also, see #4 for more on "time".

Know copy support will help your other investments? GO HERE.

It’s my MISSION for every business owner to START here. Give yourself the gift of a solid foundation and the copy that supports it. Your future investments will thank you. 😉

In fact, peep Judy's testimonial video (scroll up!) where she shares why every NEW business owner should START with CCS!

Short answer: No one knows you better than you.

Longer answer: It's time to trust yourself.

Writing your own copy will save you money in the long run, because 1: a copywriter ain’t cheap 2: you’ll have a foundation to build the rest of your business on 3: when (and if) you do hire a copywriter, you’ll already have a deep understanding of your own voice and pass that on AND you’ll know who to hire because you’ll know good copy. 😉

I also want you to call forth the creativity and chutzpah already inside of you. When you have this foundation set, you can take it to any mastermind or 1:1 coaching program in the future.

Trust me, they’ll thank you for taking the time to do this work.

It’s a MIX tape!

The core modules are pre-recorded so they can be short, sweet, and impactful. Most lessons are less than 30 minutes.

You also get a Live Q&A Call + an Editing Workshop each month!

...with lifetime access (of the program) to it all.

I don’t expect you to finish all of CCS.


My goal is for you to come in, tackle where you need to see the most immediate ROI, and pace yourself knowing the rest is ready for you when and if you need it.

IE: Maybe you’ll get the most out of the email lessons, make the tweaks, and go from silence to sign-ups.

Or re-write your website and sign a private 1:1 client because they felt like your words were speaking right to them.

So, would it be unreasonable to say those small but powerful changes are more than worth the investment or the pressure to "finish"?

CCS is rooted in giving you more trust in yourself and stop relying on permission to put your copy out there.

Guaranteed edits are NOT part of the program BUT there is 1 call each month to submit for a live editing spot!

You’ll also learn a TON from watching other edits. I always leave time for questions so you feel as supported as possible in this type of container.

Plus, you can utilize the support from your fellow writers inside the exclusive FB group (with actual guidelines for how to give stellar feedback that’s useful!).

Peep the testimonials for how much LOVE these live sessions get!

Tell me: do you want to learn first-hand how to give incredible feedback, get outside-the-typical-copy-box ways to draw out the vibe and voice of your clients' work...

...WHILE getting awesome tricks for your own writing AND be in a sea of your ideal clients?

Yeah, I thought so. Join here. Can’t wait to know you! 😉

Here’s what happened when Brenna joined our community…

Yooooo, not more skeptical than me.


I’m a vehement anti-course person who created a course.


The Copy Chat has given me the greatest gift: a global community.

You, being part of the community, asked for this (before now, it’s been a 5-figure investment to work with me). 

We hired an Online Curriculum Specialist to distill down the most important messaging and copy elements and a TON of live support.

Second, I wanted to help you see better results from your other investments.

CCS is an incredible companion to any business coaching or mastermind you’re in right now and can only make that experience even better.


If you were in the masterclass, you heard me say that it’s never been my intention to have clones of me around.

There’s enough of that in the online world of “Oh, here’s what’s worked for me. Be like me.”

This is about helping you uncover YOUR voice. 

In fact, this is what Susannah had to say about this exact thing…

“My biggest hesitation before joining was thinking, ‘I’m not like Marisa at all. I don’t have this wit, I’m not clever, I don’t watch Real Housewives.’ I’m that Nerdtastic Leader and before learning about those...

I loved you Marisa but didn’t think I could write like that BUT then I realized inside of CCS you weren’t teaching people to be like you but finding what works for me and what would bring my audience to ME! Now, I write emails with my own stories and MY personality...and my email open rates are 30% now!”

- Susannah Juteau, Headache Nutritionist

Ready to uncover and unleash your voice? Join CCS now.

6 reasons why you should choose CCS
(besides personality-filled copy that dazzles)


This isn’t an idea created in a vacuum or “beta” launched. I know it works. (Peep the testimonials, will ya?) CCS is distilled down to every single step you need to confidently create personality-filled copy and learn to trust your own intuition, no matter the size of your email list, Instagram followers, or visitors on your website.

Get your core copy assets done and dusted

This isn’t just “22 Words to Use'' and tips to write faster. CCS gives you step-by-step guides in voice, core messaging, and the copy assets (magic message, website, emails, etc.) you need to be a successful coach or creator.

Crafting an uncopyable message is priority #1

Copy supports solid messaging. This is the *only* copy program with priority on discovering your uncopyable message first. Copy can’t make a muddied message convert better

Created with an Online Curriculum Specialist

An online curriculum specialist helped me create every training to ensure this program to is actionable, doable and fucking matter your learning style!

Contribute to national and global causes.

Together, we’ll choose a cause and donate 5% of total sales to a charity. (Just to give you an idea The Copy Chat community has now raised $120K for charity).

Provides the foundation for bigger investments

Want to graduate from CCS and hire a business coach? Get into a mastermind? Grow your audience? Your dollars will go further after you’ve built a foundation that can sustain the pressures of scaling to 6 figures and beyond and you can use this as a companion inside any mastermind you join. Thank me later. 😉


“We're only 3 months into the year and I've almost surpassed my income from last year due to this very important messaging shift.”

“Since joining CCS a few months ago, my offers (especially my core offer) are rock solid and people are noticing. I know EXACTLY who I help and how I help them. There's no mystery (on my side or theirs) or convincing needed because the invitation to work with me - and the results people will get from doing so - is so clear. As a Reflector by human design, I look for strong guides in my surroundings and Marisa is that gal. She's wise, fun, and helps me get out of my own analyzer way. I wish I came across CCS years ago!”

– Susannah Juteau - Headache Nutritionist

"After updating it in CCS, my web messaging went from stiff to show-stopping and it finally sounds personable."

-- Sharon Nolan
Owner & CEO at Sharon Marie



"I feel so confident in my messaging now!"

"You prepared me so well for all the big shifts I'm working on right now. It was inconceivable back then. Plus, my website is 100% thanks to our work together! BIG thanks to you!"

– Shrutee Sharma, Creator of The Pain Free Movement Academy

Ready to step into the spotlight proud
to share your message

Choose The Copy Confidence Society Plan That Works for You

1 Payment of

6 Payments of

12 Payments of

How about an encore, shall we?

this is for you
if you...
  • check

    Create a profitable relationship-based business without complicated funnels, tripwires, or ad costs.

  • check

    Get super specific on your 24K magic with your core copy assets done and dusted.

  • check

    Focus on a solid foundation first that will help youcall in your ideal clients with ease.

  • check

    Excited to write and itching to do it with more confidence and fun.

  • check

    Celebrate BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities, both seen and unseen (no ifs, and, or buts about it).

this is not for you
if you...
  • rex

    Dead-set on calling yourself a life coach helping anyone find their passion and purpose.

  • rex

    Not interested in using your words to woo your prospects and want to focus on the latest shiny object floating around the internet (ie. TikTok. You need compelling copy for that, too. #justsayin).

  • rex

    Want to dive straight into building funnels, tripwires and sales sequences for a $27 passive income product without a solid foundation first OR looking for someone to give you 900+ caption templates.

  • rex

    Convinced you need to be a master copywriter or even like writing to uncover how to create swoon-worthy copy.

  • rex

    Shout at people in FB Groups that Joe Biden isn’t POTUS.

The Down N’ Dirty “What You Get” One More Time

7 Voice, Messaging, and Copy Creation Modules to discover what to say and how to say it to magnetically attract your dream clients with personality-filled copy that dazzles.

Workbooks, Prompts, Swipe Files, and Templates to unlock your creativity and confidence to get your core copy assets done and dusted!

LIVE Feedback & Hotseat Workshops for the opportunity to have real-time feedback on your copy. With a Live Q&A Call + an Editing Workshop each month, even if your work doesn’t get edited, you’ll learn a TON by watching other people. AND get your most burning questions answered to make sure you’re moving ahead on what matters most.

Co-Working Calls to get your copy to-dos done and dusted in real time. Also, a curated space to get direct support from other CCS rockstars and connect with the community with intentional and business boosting break-out rooms!

3 LIVE Copy Crush Sessions to see how the pros create their best and most beloved pieces of copy (websites, sales pages, landing pages, button copy, and MORE!) with time to ask ALL your questions and how these tips apply to YOUR copy. (Plus, full access to the vault of past Copy Crush sessions).

Bonus Copy Extras on writing drool-worthy titles, headlines, conscious copy, and copy tips for every week of the year.

Before we close the curtain on this show,
know that you could…

Wait Until Next Time The Doors Open

Real Talk: when you get clear on your messaging, everything else falls into place. This is the *only* copy course that starts here to make sure you NAIL it. The 1st Module alone is worth the investment.

But if you’re not ready to dive in, CCS will come back around. It’ll be awesome then, too.

Hire a Copywriter

A good choice BUT know this: any copywriter worth their Google doc weight costs money, honey. My best pals are charging $10K+ for website copy and $3K for core content creation (per month) ...without a guarantee they’ll capture your voice, style and messaging.

Add it up: $30K+ for *just* your core copy assets. If you got that kinda’ money, call me.
I need full-body laser hair removal and one of those $50 Nest candles STAT.

Discovering what to say and how to say it
are MUST-HAVE skills to create attention
grabbing copy that leaves people drooling
into their Gmail.

Good News: It’s also a learnable skill.

This is not a “maybe they’re
born with it” moment.

I write copy every damn day and I’m so glad I have this expertise.
You will be, too.

That I’d bet my student loan on. 😉

Still thinking about it?
You know it’s not a Copy Confidence Society Sales Page
without an ode to The Princess & The Frog

(greatest Disney Princess. Don’t @ me)

Princess Tiana is an entrepreneur. A business owner.
She’s one of us.

She lived through our entrepreneurial “trials and tribulations.”
(Don’t tell me she’s a cartoon...she’s lived them, ok?)

But just like her Daddy told her, “Fairytales can come true.
You gotta make ‘em happen. It all depends on you.”

You have the choice to “work real hard each and every day.”

You have the choice to sing Mama Odie’s anthem and dig a little deeper.

I’ll give you all tools in my belt to help you “find out who you are”
like these incredible business owners before you…

facebook - kathy
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.04.25 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.04.12 PM
facebook-christie and vanessa
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.04.47 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 4.52.51 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.03.58 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 5.42.05 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.03.26 PM
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 6.03.44 PM
Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 4.52.36 PM

Because “when you find out who you are, you find out what you
need… blue skies and sunshine, guaranteed.”

You’re one click (or as T would sing, "almost there!") from making your entrance and taking center stage with an uncopyable message and the personality filled copy that dazzles.


Ready to step into the spotlight PROUD to share your message?

Choose The Copy Confidence Society Plan That Works for You

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